Never Be Embarrassed By Your Spelling Again

  • Feel stupid about your spelling.
  • Want to improve your job prospects but your spelling lets you down.
  • You get angry with yourself for not being able to spell that perfect word that sums up how you feel. (A word that will get you the job, an interview, your money back, your personality across...)

You're not alone. How to Spell is here for you.

English spelling seems crazy, illogical, & 'weird', right? But there are patterns, rules & reasons why some words are spelled the way they are - honestly!

Learning all about why we spell the way we do, noticing spelling patterns, and using spelling strategies will improve your spelling, writing and confidence.

Spelling's fun, quirky, fascinating!

learn spelling at how to spell

If your spelling is poor you’ll create a bad impression, others will judge you. You'll lose out on jobs, interviews, promotions & customers. Do something now to improve your spelling. Start your journey here.

It's never too late to improve your spelling.



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Improve your spelling by knowing the reasons why spelling is so weird and wonderful.

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Two great ways to improve your spelling are knowing where words come from and taking an interest in words. That means

  • knowing the reasons why English spelling is so 'weird' 
  • understanding the history of why spelling is the way it is
  • understanding why we have so many words with the same or similar meanings

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Homophones Masterclass.

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I often receive emails from people from all over the world thanking me for the spelling lessons, podcasts and videos. Here are a few comments:

Great blog, Joanne! Have really enjoyed reading it. We obviously think along the same lines when it comes to teaching older students. Regards, Shireen. Shireen Shuster from (Spelling Essentials book by Shireen Shuster)


BBC Learning English have named How to the number 1 site for spelling "We often get asked questions about spelling and How to is a great site and videos... and fantastic games and quizzes..."

I love your lessons and adore your Reasons Why ebook. I run an online pronunciation program for international professionals and I'm always looking for ways to help them enhance their other English skills. Sheri Summers - American speaking & expert - Click here to find out more about the American Accent Course

I highly recommend this website. It's a no nonsense resource with clearly explained strategies for adults. I should also add the lady responsible for the site takes an active role in encouraging participants. Even after a few days of using the strategies my spelling has measurably improved and I am starting to enjoy writing for the first time in my life. Matthew. Check out the review on my YouTube video on 'good spellers see patterns and links - do you?

I am so glad I came about you site . I have been struggling all my life (I am 57). I just needed some help with my spelling and there you are. Thank you so much . I will get there in the end . Annette Thanks for your work, this stuff is excellent.

Your book ‘The Reasons Why..." is a real classic – it has taught me a lot – it should be in curriculum’s everywhere. Adam "Thank you so much for your help, I am 26 and born in this country and my spelling is really bad it holds me back from a lot of things because it can be embarrassing. So I started teaching myself... Thanks again, S"

Thanks for the help. It is greatly appreciated. Angela "I'm starting to enjoy writing and spelling thanks to you, it means the world to me, to be able to do this. It's not just for me but to set an example for my little girl, I didn't have the opportunity when I was growing up so thanks one million. I still have a far way to go but this is a start." N.B.

Thank you Joanne for helping me, Yonas.

;Hi Joanne...Just wanted to say thank you for your blog. I stumbled across it the other day while searching for spelling resources for my adult learners, and I have found it so useful. Will definitely be rooting through your archives to incorporate your methods and tricks into my lessons. I love the videos too. They make explanations so much easier. Thank you!" Suzanne

I am a SfL teacher teaching in Adult Ed (publicly funded) and would like to use your videos in my work. Is that ok, are there copyright restrictions on your materials? Obviously the source and your rights as the author will always be acknowledged. They are terrific materials and you’ve clearly put in a lot of work, the videos are very well put together, well done and thanks for your help. Ruth S

hi alamsindhi is here, i hope you are fine. i really enjoyed this lesson and found it helpful a lot. thanks. (apostrophes from my email lessons)

Just wanted to say another thank you for taking the time to send me these wonderful emails. They are a great help! I'm starting my new teaching assistant job next week and I am a bit nervous because of my spelling but your emails are giving me more confidence. Thanks again Suna

I would like to thank you for your amazing efforts. I think Joanne's website How to spell is the best way to learn the art of spelling. After leaving school in year 8 I have always struggled with spelling, even the most simple words. I'm now 39 years old and I recently sat an exam for year twelve and passed with a mark of 95% for my spelling. I hope she always has these resources available so others can benefit from her knowledge. B

Hi Joanne I am so very thankful for your spelling videos, it helps my study. I receive your emails and its more fun. I like it. Phoebe

Thank you very much for sending me these materials about spellings. I'm very pleasesd & try to learn more & more & I'm thankful to you for it. Fereh

Wow, you're really great. :) I'm so glad to improve spelling and pronunciation with you. Thanks a lot. Carry on with this amazing job! Mel (my reply)

Hi Mel Thank you for your nice email. So glad you're finding the lessons useful. Joanne

Useful? are you kidding? They are more than that. :) I enjoy each lesson from you, you're really a great teacher. :) I'm planning to go to Hungary for study. Brazil has a nice program called Science Without Borders and I just applied for the scholarship. Your lessons have been helping me very much. Cheers, Mel.

Dear Joanne , I am very thankful for your sessions . Its been very helpful while teaching my kid. Thank you.

Thanks for this. I'm the training and projects bod for foundation programmes at the aviation college in Qatar and I do circulate your materials to our staff. I know they've found much of it useful and have built ideas into our programmes, so thank you for your efforts - keep it going. Chris

It has been a pleasure to receive your emails and it has truly made a difference. Thank you for taking the time to create these lessons and I would enjoy it very much if you could continue sending emails. Pauline

First of all you know I love you and what you are doing. Not everyone would have the patience to help those that aren’t all that bright, especially in spelling. I believe even for those that can spell, spelling at times, even for them, raises its ugly head and aggravates them also. Your Program has only not only strengthened my resolve as to learning to spell better, but also in other areas of my life. I now believe that, in time, I will catch on, but I will also be able to handle, “my prideful self”, better when a word has me stumped in public. Keep up the good work. H.K.

Thank you, I only wished I had seen your site a few years ago it would have made such a difference. Never mind I am here now. I used to watch people write and wished I could spell and write like that without looking the word up. Well now I can, not as quick as they can but I will get there with your help and your site . Kind Regards A. W.

I have just read all your wonderful testimonials (after doing my lesson today) they nearly brought me to tears. What an amazing person you are helping all of us unfortunate people most of us suffering in silence with our spelling, sharing your passion of spelling with us all is like having a private tutor who we can hear but not see. You deserve a medal. Thank you for your emails. Christine

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